Have your wedding, private party, music and dance, family reunion, cultural event, art or educational activity in Finland House!

The Ball Room

  • Available to rent for your special functions and parties up to 500 people.
  • The spacious Ball Room (48’ x 80’) provides high ceilings and hardwood floors.
  • The stage with a pull-aside curtain has adjustable lighting and audio system.
  • The seating layout in the hall is flexible: up to 500 guests for a theater type seating and dinner seating can accommodate up to 420 people.
  • Tables and chairs are included in the rental fee.


The Entrance Hall

  • Available to rent for any occasion for up to 150 people.
  • The Entrance Hall includes 12 round tables with chairs.
  • There is a bar,  small stage in the corner of the room and a little box office at the entrance for ticket sales as needed.


The Kitchen

  • Use of the kitchen for cooking and food preparation requires a separate agreement and contract.
  • The kitchen includes gas and electric stoves with ovens, stainless steel working surfaces, refrigeration, a dishwasher, microwave ovens, stainless steel sinks and a granite front serving counter.

Meeting halls on the second floor

  • Upstairs rooms serve for smaller events, seminars, art shows, etc.
  • There is a kitchen to make coffee.
  • Second floor is now accessible by a newly installed chairlift.

Parking lot

  • The parking lot has 113 spaces.
  • Wheelchair ramps are located at the front entrance and next to the kitchen.

Rental applications and contracts

Application forms are available in Finland House.

For more information, please contact Finland House 1 (561) 547 9450 or

Welcome to organize your next party in Finland House!

301 W Central Blvd (Finlandia Boulevard), Lantana, FL 33462, phone 1.561.547.9450